Contains data from the current post in The Loop.


ID(integer) The post ID.

post_author(integer) The ID of the post author.

post_date(string) The post date using the server’s current timezone. Format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss Example: 2011-05-19 13:51:21 (default Unix format ‘F j, Y’)

post_date_gmt(string) Same as above, but in GMT.post_content(string) The post content.

post_title(string) The post’s title.post_excerpt(string) The post’s excerpt, if one is set.

post_status(string) See get_post_status for possible values.comment_status(string) See wp_get_comment_status for possible values.

ping_status(string) Values: ‘open’ or ‘closed’.

post_password(string) The post’s password.

post_name(string) The post’s slug.to_ping(string) Addresses to be pinged.

pinged(string) Addresses already pinged.

post_modified(string) Date the post was last modified using server’s timezone.

post_modified_gmt(string) Same as above in GMT.post_content_filteredpost_parent(integer) ID of the post’s parent, if it has one.

guid(string) A link to the post. This is not the permalink. To get the permalink use get_permalink.

menu_order(integer) The value set in the ‘Order’ field for pages.

post_type(string) The post type.

post_mime_type(string) Mime Type (for attachments, etc).

comment_count(integer) The number of approved comments.

ancestors(array) An array of the post’s ancestors’ IDs (parent, parent’s parent, etc). [0] = parent, [1] = grandparent, etc.filter(string)



global $post;
echo $post->post_title;
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